Review: Complete Bliss at Le Blanc Spa Resort

The anticipation was about to take over me. I couldn’t wait to see Le Blanc for the first time. After months of planning, we were finally in Cancun and on our way. From the airport, it didn’t take long to arrive – it might have been a 15 minute drive. And then, we were there!

As we pulled up the drive, there really wasn’t much to see. A white facade and some steps. We were escorted into a busy lobby and were asked to take a seat in the waiting area. As we sat down, we were presented with coconut milk and cold towels. Let the relaxation begin!


Check in went smoothly. We were thrilled when we were told that our honeymoon oceanfront suite would be located on the 7th floor. Since we arrived a little bit early, we were given a buzzer and told that we would be notified when our room was ready. Since we had some time to kill we headed to lunch and were provided with our first views of Le Blanc which were absolutely stunning.


One of the things that surprised me the most about the resort was that it’s small – really small. In all fairness, I’ve been to bigger hotels in my hometown. However, it does seem well thought out, but I think that if we were planning an extended stay, visits outside of the resort would have been a good idea. However, since we were only there for an extended weekend, we didn’t mind.

I enjoyed the resort credits (I know that people have varied opinions!), BUT I booked the use of the credits many weeks prior to my arrival. I simply contacted the Le Blanc concierge ( and booked my spa appointment and cabana rental straight from home. I had rea that waiting until you arrived was not the best way to ensure you would be able to use them in the way that you preferred. I also booked our private airport transportation and our dinner at Lumiere in the same way. Highly recommend this.

I also took the time to send an email with special requests about our room before we arrived. I had read that rooms on floor 6, 7, and 8 have the best views, but to avoid the 9th floor due to noise from the air conditioning units above. I also recommend an oceanfront honeymoon suite. The view is like no other. Well worth the extra expense.

We brought our own koozies from home to keep our cans cold. This was my husband’s idea and it turned out to be a very good one. In the heat of the Mexican sun, anything in a can heats up really fast, so if you don’t want to be forced to drink your cold drink in a matter of minutes, throw a couple of these in your bag. They don’t take up much room and you’ll be glad you have them!

Reserving a cabana on the beach for the day was so much fun! Not only do the staff take excellent care of you, but the structure provides the perfect amount of shade. They also provide a couple of lounge chairs in front in case you are interested in soaking up some rays. And if you are going to lay in the sun, or even if you prefer the shade, bring sunscreen – and lots of it! You will need it!


Don’t miss the Mexican coffee in the lobby in the afternoons! Not only is it a great pick-me-up, it is dee-li-cious! We got one every afternoon. They make it right in front of you and will add your favorite liquor by request. This was a special treat for us and one of the things we really enjoyed!

Make sure that you tell those that are helping you about any special events that you’ll be celebrating while you are at the resort. We planned the trip around my birthday, so we made sure to include that information on our reservation and also let our butlers know when we initially chatted with them. The resort wants to make sure that your visit is memorable so help them do that by giving them the information they need to pamper you! Below are pictures of what our room looked like the evening we came back from dinner on my birthday. We were so surprised and it made the evening especially memorable!

All in all, we loved Le Blanc and will definitely return! From the food to the service, everything was nearly perfect.

Have you visited Le Blanc Spa Resort in Cancun? If so, leave us an insider tip in the comments below!

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